How it works


We integrate your blog page into your eNewsletter to keep your customers, clients or referring sources coming back to your website. Your eNewsletter supplies the link between your site and your social media interactions. Getting your followers to share your posts enhances your ongoing relationships with your key audiences.


You supply the permission-based email list for your key audiences, we’ll upload the list, set up the e-newsletter template and a message archive, using your blog page on your website. Then whenever you need to send a message to your audience, send the message to us, and we’ll do the heavy lifting: set-up and format the eNewsletter, segment the list specific to the message audience you specify, post the message on the archive site and schedule the send. We’ll also provide you a report showing the results including open rates, click-throughs if appropriate, and a list of who opened and who didn’t open the message. 


Is my list safe?


We use Constant Contact or other high-quality commercial mailing services with the highest integrity for managing your list safely, securely and privately. Your list will never be used for any other purpose than to send your messages.


How fast is the turnaround to send out a message?


It depends on the message and your review and approval process. We can turnaround formatting and set-up of most single-topic messages in less than a hour. We then work with your normal review and approval process to ensure quality and accuracy before it is sent. 


Can we send attachments?


Rather than attachments, we upload the attachment to a server and provide links to the document within the email. This allows more efficient delivery of your message without overloading your providers’ or clients' inboxes with bulky PDFs or other documents. This is particularly helpful for your med staff who use smartphones to view email. A link usually opens much faster than a PDF. It also allows you to track those who choose to open the link to view the material. 



How much does it cost?


Template creation is a one-time cost. We’ll work with you to create an e-mail or e-Newsletter template that matches your brand, and color palette. You supply the artwork, or we’ll work with your designer to develop banners, logos and other art that is optimized for email to create your HTML e-mail or HTML e-Newsletter templates. We’ll then upload it into your account for use on a moment’s notice. 

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