3 reasons savvy healthcare marketers are adding eNewsletters to their mix

Whether your target audience is referring physicians or patients, if you use a printed newsletter or other regularly distributed printed piece as part of your marketing effort, getting both quantitative and qualitative data is difficult and expensive.

Knowing who is reading it and why, requires using some kind of survey, usually a phone or paper survey, to find out if you are achieving your objectives.

Here’s 3 reasons many healthcare marketers are adding eNewsletters to their marketing plans.

1. Combining your printed newsletter with an eNewsletter gives you real-time quantitative data as soon as you send the eNewsletter. 

2. By connecting the eNewsletter to a blog you can use Google Analytics or some other digital analytics product to quickly gauge reader behavior after opening the eNewsletter; i.e. where do they land on the site, do they read other articles on the site, where did they leave, how much time did they spend?

3. It is much easier to get users to click on a survey link than it is to fill out a paper survey or agree to a phone survey to get the same quantitative data. 

The result is that you are able to drive continual improvement of the online experience of your target audience and potential audience, which translates to achieving your desired outcomes (both online and offline) and just as importantly documenting those outcomes.

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