5 principles for developing your engagement strategy

If you think about your patients from initial call to conversion to loyal advocate who recommends you to her friends, or gives you 5 stars on HealthGrades, at the heart of each of those contacts is some form of engagement. 

With the Internet and especially the advent of social media, marketing has evolved into engagement. Developing a relationship over time based on ongoing, continual and respectful interactions that benefit your patients at every phase of the relationship. In short, the way successful practices have been treating patients for decades.

The difference now is the internet and in particular social media. Your patients’ opinions of you are now easily amplified exponentially through their use of social media. 

In today’s physician-patient care environment engagement marketing requires changing from making isolated impressions to developing continuous conversations that support patients all along their life phases. The more you are able to become a part of their successful outcomes, the more your customers will become loyal advocates for your practice.

Here are 5 principles for developing your engagement strategy:

  • Connect with patients as individuals

  • Approach patients based on who they are

  • Use multiple channels to communicate with patients, find out what works for each patient and use it.

  • Once started, develop and maintain client conversations over time

  • Focus on the patient’s desired outcomes and goals

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