6 myths about building patient communities

It is no wonder marketers are trying to build communities around their brands. Such communities are a powerful way to strengthen customer loyalty and retention. 

For hospitals and specialty centers building their patient communities can not only strengthen the relationship and prevent leakage, it can be a useful tool to improve care, which is essential for the transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement.

Building your patient communities needs to be directed to meeting patient needs and extending the clinic visit to improve care and outcomes, but getting it right can be challenging. This Harvard Business Review blog is useful for sorting out some of the myths and realities of building a successful brand community. 

Here are their 6 Myths vs Realities about Brand Communities:

MYTH 1: A brand community is a marketing strategy

The reality: A brand community is a business strategy

MYTH 2: A brand community exists to serve the business

The reality: A brand community exists to serve the people in it

MYTH 3: Build the brand, and the community will follow

The reality: Engineer the community, and the brand will be strong

MYTH 4: Brand communities should be love-fests for faithful brand advocates

The reality: Smart companies embrace the conflicts that make communities thrive

MYTH 5: Opinion leaders build strong communities

The reality: Communities are strongest when everyone plays a role

MYTH 6: Online social networks are the key to a community strategy

The reality: Online networks are just one tool, not a community strategy

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