Connecting with patients boosts patient activation

Recent studies have found patient activation – having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage one's health – to be linked to health-related outcomes.

In a 2012 study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, researchers looked at health and utilization outcomes in 25,047 insured patients.  All had completed a patient activation measure as part of an office visit. The result showed that patient activation was related to 12 of 13 patient outcomes. For every additional 10 points in patient activation, the likelihood of having a breast cancer screen or normal range A1c, HDL, and triglycerides was one percentage point higher, and the likelihood of an ED visit, obesity, or smoking decreased by one percent.

Connecting through patient-centered communications extends the patient encounter beyond the clinic visit and leads to the kind of patient activation that is key to better outcomes. Activated patients are:

  • More compliant with their treatment regimens

  • Have lower readmission rates

  • Are educated patients, providing for streamlined clinic flow

  • Add to your financial bottom line – regardless of the size of your practice.

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