Content is not about you, its about them

"In the digital world, it's not about you, it's about them," says Dr. Russell Faust, CEO and managing partner of the Windriven Group.

"It's about your patients and your prospective patients. They're looking for help answering their health questions. They're looking for evidence of expertise and authority in their area of need. They're looking for evidence of a caring physician who will listen to them. They are looking for human connection."

So how, exactly, do you achieve these goals? Faust suggests five keys to online content that connects with patients, here are three of them:

  1. Serve them – A great content brand passionately serves its community's needs. Your content must be interesting and informative, but most of all, helpful. Above all else, great content helps solve your community's health problems.​

  2. Be consistent – Provide online content with a consistent tone, and consistent delivery. All of your marketing materials should deliver the same vision, image, look, and feel — the same message — to your community. Keep to a schedule: If you produce a quarterly newsletter, don't produce it weekly for a while, then every six months for a while. Be consistent.​

  3. Demonstrate expertise – By delivering helpful and accurate content, your practice becomes an authority. Your community will see you as their go-to source for any information related to your specialty. They will return. And when they need to make an appointment, they will call your practice. For more from Dr. Faust click here.

For more information on how to make your content connect with your patients, contact us.