Creating the right content

Communicating the right message engages your audience, and enhances reputations

In his hospital marketing blog, Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success, says, “Hospitals and healthcare facilities often have a unique opportunity to tell their story in emotional and authoritative ways that touch consumers. Communicating the right message not only engages the audience, it can also extend awareness and enhance reputation.”

The question is what are the right messages to engage your patients? The key is to serve your patients’ needs. 

Here are 4 guides to developing content that connects:

  • Aim your messages as specifically as possible. Provide separate online communities for your cancer patients, diabetes patients or MS patients.

  • Extend patient care beyond the clinic visit. Hospitals and specialty centers can strengthen relationships with patients by providing clear, authoritative information about conditions, therapies, side effects and other keys to managing illness or injury.

  • Provide personal stories that address patient and caregiver needs for inspiration and motivation. 

  • Encourage patients to make connections with each other and share their experiences

  • Provide news and information that helps your patients understand treatment options and lifestyle issues

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