Two keys to improving SEO

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

People often ask how to increase their SEO rankings.

When they ask, most are thinking about tech tweaks and trying to influence search algorithms that will improve their website ranking in search results. While those are important, there are two things people often overlook with regard to SEO.

While Google and other search engineers are highly protective of the algorithms used to rank pages, they all rely on two broad factors, relevance and popularity. The inference is that if a page is relevant to the search terms and is popular, it must be valuable to people using those search terms.

Focusing on both relevance and popularity is key to improving your SEO and influence your search rankings. If you think about it, search engines are trying to provide their customers, search users, with results that most closely matches the searcher’s intent, which is exactly what you are trying to do to attract specifically targeted potential customers to your website.


You boost your site’s relevance by providing authoritative, compelling content for the people in your industry. Focus on quality content that is accurate and adds to the knowledge and understanding of a person searching for your product, service or information.

Once you have the quality content that is razor relevant to your prime audience, make sure the coding for page titles, tags and descriptions in the header information accurately describes that page, not the other way around. Don’t try to write the content to match a set of predetermined keywords. The result of such an approach inevitably lowers the quality of your content and ultimately your search ranking.


The second key to improving your SEO is to attract viewers. You can’t just build a perfect website and write great content; you also have to get that content shared and talked about. That’s why engaging in a social media strategy that gets your content seen and shared and talked about is essential.

A website that incorporates great content, compelling blog posts that generate sharing and linking on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media will in turn generate more viewers and raise your site’s SEO.


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