Integrated communications can produce better outcomes

Healthcare reform has created an opportunity for hospitals and specialty centers to move toward a patient-centered health focus based on integrated care.

As described by Dr. George Rust, co-director of the NCPC at Morehouse School of Medicine, integrated care combines three critical elements:

  • Clinical care

  • Community engagement, and

  • Data collection and analysis to drive improvement

Dr. Rust says early evidence is emerging to indicate that patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, who receive integrated care achieve better health outcomes than their counterparts not treated within this 3-element model.

Here's 3 ways to build the community engagement component of the 3-element care model:

  1. Target content to disease/condition-specific communities. You'll get better engagement if you build separate communities for your diabetes, MS or cancer patients

  2. Set your content objectives to extending the clinic visit by supporting patients with information needed to help them stay on track with their treatment or maintenance regimens

  3. Provide motivational and inspirational content that helps them cope with their conditions and therapies.

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