Avoiding 5 SEO mistakes

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Getting your organization's website found among the billions of websites on the Internet and the tens of thousand in healthcare is key to connecting with your patients.

Search engine optimization or SEO starts with website design, navigation, and content. It is an ongoing process of influencing the chances that people looking for your providers and services. Once on your website, you can connect with them, increase brand awareness and generate patient contacts.

Here are 5 mistakes that can bring down your search rankings:

  • Neglecting keywords in site design – While using keywords in your content is important, the use of keywords really needs to start when planning and building your website. Using keywords in your website name, and webpage titles, URLs are key to boosting your search rankings.

  • Stuffing your webpage and blog content with keywords – Making your pages sound more like they are written for search bots than people actually reduces your search ranking. Google and other search engineers use more sophisticated algorithms that look for relevance and popularity. Your content needs to benefit those who find your website by informing, adding to their knowledge, and helping them find what they are looking for.

  • Focusing on traffic alone – While the object of SEO is to increase traffic on your website, traffic should not be the only goal. Connecting with your visitors needs to be your ultimate goal. Analyze your traffic to see which pages visitors spend the most time on, and generate clicks and conversions. Then improve your other pages get more eyes to those pages.

  • Neglecting to use alt-text for images – Search engines aren’t able to determine the relevance of images to search inquiries without alt-text associated with the image. Using relevant keywords to describe those images can increase page ranking. Likewise link pages internally. If there are related posts on your blog, make sure to include links to those earlier posts.

  • Missing links from social media channels – Driving traffic from social media sites to your website increases the traffic and popularity of your website. Make sure you fill out the “about” sections on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Fill out your profile on Google My Business and make sure your webpages and especially your blog are easy to share on social media.

Influencing search engine rankings is an ongoing, long-term effort that will help potential viewers find your website and connect with your organization or practice.

Helping you with quality content supported that connects with your patients and gets them to share your content what Medical Digest Publications does. If you are a medical or specialty center, or healthcare practice looking to improve your SEO, call us, we are happy to review your site and discuss your content and social media needs with you.