Think 'content connecting,' not content marketing

If your hospital or specialty center marketing plans include “content marketing” or “inbound marketing,” take a step back and consider a different perspective.

If your goal is to increase engagement and strengthen the relationships with your patients, consider what Russell Faust, MD, PhD calls “content connecting.” Dr. Faust is a board-certified otolaryngologist, physician/scientist, and frequent speaker at medical meetings. He has turned his passion for connecting with patients into a consultancy with other physicians and health care organizations. 

He says if you want to connect with your patient community, “provide the information that your patients are seeking, and you don’t need to market to them: they will come to you.” Providing content to your patients that serves their needs is the surest way to connect with them, improve patient satisfaction and ultimately improve outcomes. Here’s five ways to use content to connect with your patients:

  1. Target content to disease/condition-specific communities. You'll get better engagement if you build separate communities for your diabetes, MS or cancer patients.

  2. Set your content objectives to extending the clinic visit by supporting patients with information needed to help them stay on track with their treatment or maintenance regimens.

  3. Maintain the connection with your patients with a regular email or e-newsletter providing news and information about your center, staff and other patients, as well as research news.

  4. Provide motivational and inspirational content that helps them cope with their conditions and therapies.

  5. Encourage connections with other patients with the same condition through comments on a blog post or through social media by asking questions and providing easy-to-use “sharing” links to social media.

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