You’re missing the power of social media if you neglect these 6 points

Most organizations with a social media strategy are diligent about promoting their content from their websites, blogs, and other publications on their direct network including Facebook and Twitter.

Too many organizations, however, miss the second point of social media, that is getting their content on their follower’s social media sites. To take advantage of the real power of social media, you need to make sharing your content both compelling and easy. 

On the HubSpot Blogs, Pamela Vaughn regularly offers tips for making your content more sharable. Here are six of them that I’ve modified for healthcare.

1. Magnetize your headlines – Make the headline so interesting, intriguing, and compelling, people will use a magnet to stick the article to their lunch room refrigerators.

2. Keep it brief – People are encouraged to say something when they share on Facebook or Twitter. If your headline is long, it makes it hard to add a comment, especially on Twitter with the 140 character limit.

3. A picture is worth a 1000 shares – Updating the old adage in the social media age means not just including an image, but making sure it is eye-catching, intriguing and grabs attention.

4. Use hashtags – Hashtags and Twitter user names in headlines, when appropriate, can extend visibility, but use them sparingly or you risk looking a little like you’re begging followers to share your content.

5. Add sharing buttons – This seems obvious, but you often will see a "like" button or a "share" button.  Why not both? There is a lot of confusion about the difference among viewers and content providers alike. The simplest way to differentiate them is that a like button is a one-click post on the viewer’s Facebook page. When a viewer "Likes" your blog post or web article, a post is created on the viewer’s wall for their friends to see in their newsfeeds. 

Clicking on a Share button creates a post that the viewer can comment on, and allows them to weigh-in, or explain why they are sharing. Which to use? Serve your user’s needs, offer both as sometimes they don’t want to comment, other times they do. The point is, make it easy to share however they want to share at that moment.

6. Quality content – People share content for different reasons, sometimes it is to appear smart, or savvy, or express support for someone or an idea, but mostly they share content that made an emotional connection with them. It either touched a nerve, or pulled a heart string. Now not all your content can appeal to readers on an emotional level, but when it can, make sure it is true, honest and meaningful.

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